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Dustin the Fruit Tree

Dustin Bajer planting a current in MacKinnon Ravien.
McCauley gardener Dustin Bajer holding a current at the Edmonton River Valley Food Forest.

McCauley Gardener Dustin Bajer

What is your name, and how did you get into gardening?

My name is Dustin Bajer, and I got into gardening as a kid. Gardening was something I hated – something I had to do. I grew up on an acreage so weeding, tilling, planting, picking rocks – they were all chores that I had to do. I don’t think that I started gardening for fun until I left home, but it’s been a passion ever since.

In 2009, I took a Master Gardening Certificate at the University of Alberta Botanic Garden and a Permaculture Design Certificate through Verge and Pacific Permaculture. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for getting me started. Continue reading Dustin the Fruit Tree